GFC Portatrack

Manufactured from Re-Cycled High Density Polyethylene, GFC Portatrack is the perfect solution for access and ground protection for the events and construction industries.

Each panel is incredibly strong. GFC Portatrack is designed to support up to 80 ton loading without causing any damage to the panels, ground or surface.

GFC Portatrack keeps your workforce and equipment safe and productive even on the most testing sites.

GFC Portatrack panels measure 2.44m (8ft) x 1.22m (4ft). The panels can either be laid side by side for a continuous road or end to end to form two 1.22m wide tracks.

  • Maintenance

  • Rot

  • Will
    not split

  • Will
    not splinter

  • Will not
    absorb water

  • Store

  • Environmentally

  • Easy to maintain
    a clean & debris
    free surface

The panels can be laid vertically and/or horizontally and can be connected using either a specially developed 2-way and 4-way Poratrack connectors or standard ‘top hat’ connectors. Standard Portatrack panels can be easily lifted or dragged into position by two people using the Pre-formed hand holds. A ‘ dragging hook’ is available to aid installation.

GFC Portatrack has been designed to be installed without special equipment or vehicles. The panels can be unloaded by hand or palletised to suit your requirements.

Being a non-metal system capable of taking on heavy duty wear, GFC Portatrack offers a highly cost effective alternative to other systems. GFC Portatrack also reduces the risk of theft, unlike aluminium panels.

Please Contact our Sales Team for further details or a quote for bespoke requirements.